Uczymy się angielskiego!

    Uczymy się angielskiego!


    Echo Dnia Podkarpackie


    Echo Dnia Podkarpackie

    Drodzy czytelnicy, uczycie się języka angielskiego? Potrzebujecie pomocy? Wskazówek udzieli wam Roy Haworth, Anglik, który w Tarnobrzegu mieszka od trzech lat. Roy zaprasza was na łamy Echa Dnia w każdy wtorek.

    On the 14th of June, I’m pretty (=raczej) sure that I know what a lot of you will be doing. You’ll be sitting in front of your TVs watching the Poland-Germany match.
    I hope you’ll be cheering (=cziriń, shouting because you are happy), but, if the Polish team’s performance against Columbia (kolambja) the other day (=a few days ago) is anything to go by (=if we can use this to say what will probably happen), I have a feeling that this is unlikely (anlajkli, =it probably won’t happen).

    I’ll be watching it too, but not at home. Tarnobrzeg English Actors, an English-language theatre group for young people that I work with, has been invited to Goerlitz-Zgorzelec by some very nice German people to take part in (=wziąć udział w) a German-Polish festival called Doppelpass-Podanie na dwa. We’ll take a walk on the German side and meet up with a TV camera crew from German national television. They want us to do a short improvisation (improwajzejszun) live! After crossing back over the border (=granica), we’ll be working with some German improvisation actresses, playing street football, putting on (=showing) our new show and improvising with the German ladies live on stage (stejdź, =scena). We’ll then watch some short films together with our partners.

    In the evening, our partners will be showing the Germany-Poland match in German and Polish on big open-air (=plenerowy) screens (skriinz, =ekrany). For obvious (obwijes, =oczywisty) security reasons (riizenz, =powody), we won’t be with them: we will watch the match in our hotel on the Polish side of the border. Although (olfoł, = chociaż) this was my decision, I can’t help feeling (=I really feel) how sad it is that people who love football can’t take part in something like this because of the risk that dangerous (dejndźerus) idiots will ruin (rółyn, = zniszczyć) everything. Strangely enough (strejndźli inaf, =It’s strange that), a lot of these idiots have very well-paid jobs. An agreement (agriimynt, =zgoda, umowa) has been made between Polish and German hooligans, so some of them must be able to speak foreign (foryn, =obcy) languages. If you’ve ever seen the film 'Football Factory’, you will know that they are quite well-organised too. How they cannot understand that most people would like to be able to go to football matches without being hit on the head by something or someone or being insulted (insaltyd, = być obrażony) is beyond me (=I really can’t understand it).

    In my view (wju, =In my opinion ,..; I think that...), the Polish police and Polish clubs need more legal (ligal) powers and resources (ryzorsis, =środki) to stop dangerous and rude (rółd) people from attending (atendiń, =going to) matches and from travelling abroad (abrołd, =to other countries) to international games. We also need an honest public debate on the subject. As you may know (=You may know that...), a German politician (polytyszan, =politik) has recently (risentlii, =ostatnio) had to resign (risajn,=leave his job) because he said that some parts of Germany were no-go areas for foreigners (places where foreigners are not safe). Personally, I admire (admajr, =really respect) him for talking openly about the subject. Before you ask, I have spoken to the German and Polish police about my group’s visit and am sure that there will be no problems.

    The German media has also reported on the possible danger posed (połzd) by Polish hooligans (=how dangerous they might be) during (djuriń, =podczas) the World Cup. This means that we must do something to show the world that most Polish people are civilised (sywylajzd), tolerant and open to people from other countries. The hooligans must not have the last word! On Saturday, as I was walking through the main square in Sandomierz, there was an African music concert under a banner (baner, =transparent) that read 'My Schoolfriend in Africa’. This is exactly (egzaktlii, =dokładnie) what is needed.


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